Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Low Water on the Lackagh

With the recent dry spell we've been having I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try the Lackagh again. The Lackagh still hasn't produced a fish yet but any locals I've chatted to said that it fishes well in low water. I arrived at the river to coincide with high tide so I could hopefully intercept a tide fresh springer. On arrival at the car park however, I noticed a lot of commotion down in the main pool. Unfortunately, the culprit turned out to be a seal intent on catching breakfast. This was the second visit in a row where there was a seal hunting in the river at high tide. When i fished two weeks ago, the seal was right up in the garden pool. The low water was keeping the seal in the main pool but it was pretty obvious that there'd be no fish caught today. The river just didn't feel fishy, even though the seal left as soon as the tide started turning.
I fished hard nonetheless, no point in travelling two and a half hours and buying a permit only to head home without even giving it a throw. I saw no fish and caught nothing bu it was really interesting fishing the river in low water conditions and I learnt a lot about possible lies. The clear water and good light meant that I was able to make out the riverbed easily.

 Salmo Salar obstacle course!

  A Jan Eric Granbo pattern gets a swim.
 Looking upriver from the eel weir. Perfect or what for a Bomber?

 Garden Pool
 Much lower water than the last day I fished the Lackagh.
 Grilse Pool
 Grilse Pool
 Singles for catch and release rivers. Barbs squeezed of course!
A Dunt Dee tied on with a rapala knot. Maximum movement for the low water.

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