Sunday, 10 March 2013

First Local Cast of 2013

I ventured out on the Dee first thing this morning. The river was still very coloured and pretty much unfishable but I gave it a throw for an hour anyway. It was a bitterly cold morning so I knew I'd need to get down if I was to have any chance. I put on a sink1/2 power taper and a 7 ips Rio Versitip. I attached 3 ft of 15lb Maxima and the Black and Yellow Franc 'n Snaelda I tied up yesterday. It was pretty obvious though that I was hopelessly undergunned for this type of fishing. I was getting nowhere near deep enough. I stuck on the heaviest bottle tube Snaelda I had and still never touched the bottom once. The sink1/2 power taper is the fastest sinking shooting head I have so I'm going to have to make a few purchases this week. I reckon a skagit compact will be a big help along with maybe a sink3/4 shooting head. A skagit line will enable me to use really fast sinking T11 and T14 sink tips when required as well as the lighter MOW Tips for less extreme dredging.
The river's dropping fast and should be clear enough to fish tomorrow so I'll try and get out after work tomorrow evening.
 Wintry conditions on the Dee.
 Coloured water: chances virtually nil...but you never know!
 Franc 'n Snaelda
 Bringing out the heavy tubes and the woolly hat!
This evening I became acquainted with my Hardy Bougle. I've wanted one of these for a long time and boy does it make a noise. I got it off a really nice chap called Timmy from Coleraine. Hopefully I'll get to wet a line with Timmy up on the Finn in the not too distant future. In the meantime, the Bougle will get it's first outing on the Dee tomorrow evening. I kitted it out with 100m of backing and Rio's .30 Powerflex Shooting Line. Because I'm left handed, the first task was to convert it from left to right hand wind. Luckily this is a simple task and now she's ready to roll.

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