Friday, 8 March 2013

High water on the East Coast.

I headed up for my first throw on the Dee today to be met by a rising river, colouring up fast. The Glyde was creeping up slowly, so there was only one thing for it... hit the vice. Spent the evening tying up Dee style flies.
I tied this Ackroyd and Liam took a couple of shots on his new DSLR (below).

I also tied up a couple of Franc 'n Snaeldas for a shot at a local springer over the weekend.
I'll wait till daylight and post up a few pictures before I head out to the river. The Franc 'n Snaelda was recommended to me by my friend Simon Cassidy who fishes the Boyne. I tied one all in black with yellow feelers and a yellow hackle. The Dee is probably gonna be too coloured tomorrow but I'll try it anyway. The Black and Yellow Franc 'n Snaelda should have a nice strong profile in the water and may offer some chance of nailing a fish. 

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