Saturday, 8 December 2012

October 2012

   The 2012 season ended for me in October with the closing of the Mourne. Myself, Liam (aka Switchboy), Petsie and John fished the Mourne at Sion Mills. No fish were caught, but a very enjoyable day was had by all. It was a nice change to be able to 'let fire' with the big rods and shooting heads. Our local rivers are much smaller where the running line loop rarely exits the tip eye. Here's a snap courtesy of my mate Liam.

     The Fane closes on 12th October, the latest river in the 26 counties.  We had great water on the Fane this backend. The Fane drains Loughs Muckno and Ross and tends to run high for weeks on end due to gates on Muckno. This results in high clear water with a great flow; ideal for the fly! Unfortunatley, I didn't manage a fish in October despite a number of outings.

 Liam into an October fish at Knockbridge.
 The Meadow at Knockbridge on an early and cold October morning.

Switchboy fishing down a run at Culloville.

 A flamethrower coloured TD I tied up for closing day.

 The jeep rigged up and ready for action on the 12th.

McGeeney's pool as the season closes on the 12th.

Heading back to the cars.

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