Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Out and About on the Glyde

Dee Sheep
The water level has fallen considerably on the Dee. The Glyde remains at a good height, however and it is on this river I have been concentrating. I tried Lisrenny, downstream from Tallanstown Saturday night. No sign of a fish here, but it was a lovely calm evening. The Lisrenny stretch of the Glyde is at the end of a long lane and you're almost guaranteed to find peace and quiet.



         Rod-cam at Lisrenny.

 I fished the stretch above Tallanstown last night. The days have been very bright so I’ve been fishing at last and first light. There is some really nice fly water up here and the trout were certainly keen on my light fox wing tubes but no sign of a springer.

    The track down to the river.

     A lovely evening on the Glyde.

   Lovely streams for the fly.


     The Rising of the Moon
Yesterday morning, I hit the Glyde at Castlebellingham for a couple of hours. I started off at the Basin pool and fished down to Wogans. This morning saw me down at Castlebellingham again. The full moon means big tides and hopefully a fish or two will nose in the rivers. It’s great to have the opportunity to fish for a fortnight, a welcome break from work.

I’ve heard reports of a couple of fish being caught down on the Boyne and further south, there are fish being caught on the Slaney. The Dee and Glyde aren’t really being fished for salmon at the minute so it’s a matter of plugging away and hopefully one will turn up. Indeed, I have yet to meet another angler on these rivers this season, apart from my own fishing buddies! I’ll be out again this evening so I’ll report back later. Liam are on the Finn tomorrow. There is some rain forecast for the North West later today and perhaps this evening. We’ll have to wait and see if we get enough to raise water levels on the Finn. So it’s a day at the vice for me. Some more small mobile tubes for the peaty Finn water on the menu!

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