Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Heavy rain last week have left our rivers here on the East coast in fine fettle. The Dee and Glyde have taken a while to clear but conditions are perfect at the minute. The Glyde drops slowly and should be in good nick for the next week or two. The Dee is dropping quickly with nice clear water, perfect for the fly. I fished Dee hard on Sunday in high water conditions but the water was very coloured and I caught nothing. I ventured out again this evening and expectations rose with the perfect water. Outfit for today was my #8 Orvis Switch with a 416 grain float/S5 Zpey head. I looped a 7ips polyleader on to the head with a short leader and a small light softhackle TD. The Bathing Pool on the Dee is deep and fish often sit in under the banks so it is important that the fly is fished  right on to the dangle and allowed to flutter attractively there for an extended period. Halfway down the pool, I got a vicious take which didn't stick. The fish didn't return but confidence levels are now elevated and hopefully it's just a matter of time before myself or one of my fishing buddies connect with an elusive Dee/Glyde springer! I'll be back out tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed.

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