Sunday, 21 April 2013

All Quiet on the Home Front.

Heavy rain in Donegal last night scuppered my plans to fish the Finn today. River height was at 4ft this morning so I headed back to Louth and hit the Dee. I decided to try above Drumcar and fished from the old Dublin road down to where the Dee meets the White River.
The river was at a nice height for fishing although it was still carrying a fair tinge of colour. It was nice to get a run down this stretch of water and it was a nice opportunity to use the single hander. I used my 300 grain Orvis Switch line which is a fantastic line for single handed speycasting. The 33' head and running line are integrated which means no loops rattling through the rings. The line is superb for speycasting and also overhead casts well. I highly recommend this line for anybody who fishes a single handed rod for salmon. All I need now is to catch a few fish!

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