Saturday, 21 March 2015

Carlingford Lough

Spring is no longer just around the corner. The temperatures are on the rise, well during the day anyway, and the clocks change next weekend. Today I planned to meet with Liam for a walk along the Dee with maybe a few casts here and there. The weather, however, was very bright so any notions of trying for salmon were dispelled and I decided to take a run out to Carlingford Lough and try for some early season sea trout.


During the week I work in Omeath on  the shores of Carlingford Lough. My classroom overlooks the stunning lough with the Mourne mountains in the background and I have potentially top class sea trout fishing at my fingertips in the evenings. For some reason, since I started working in Omeath, I haven't really fished the sea lough all that much. I've resolved to fish it a bit more this year, especially during the week. 

Today I fished under very bright sun and had no luck with the trout. The tide was on the way out and the water was nice and clear. I saw one trout leap but as I said, no fish or takes. I'll keep my finger on the pulse though and hopefully it won't be too long until the sea trout fishing picks up.

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